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         Karlson Evergreens owner, Karl, began selling Christmas trees back in 1983 at the age of 27. He began the business selling pre-cut Christmas trees at multiple lots all around the Ottawa area.

         In December of 1990,  after years of hard work and dedication with his wife, Sonya, they opened Karlson Evergreens. That year, they only offered 3 species of trees. 

         Now, over 30 years later, Karlson Evergreens proudly offers 6 different species of Christmas trees from all over the globe.

         The mission ever since opening the tree farm was to offer the best variety of trees to their customers; Christmas trees with breathtaking colour, fullness, and aroma, but most importantly... excellent needle retention. Owners Karl and Sonya believe everyone should be able to enjoy Christmas trees in their homes for many weeks, without the hassle of constant upkeep.

         They also pride themselves in maintaining the health and beauty of each individual tree before every holiday season arrives. Weeks are spent in preparation, which involves trimming branches of each tree by hand to ensure natural shape and fullness. Seedlings are also planted every Spring to replace trees that were cut the previous year. 



Owner, Karl, standing beside a Spruce tree that has been on the farm since 1994.



We provide hand saws for our customers. You may bring your own as well. Chainsaws are not permitted!


Tree wrapping is provided for an additional cost. It allows for a seamless entry into your home and makes it easier to load on/into your vehicle.

We will gladly help you transport your Christmas tree from the field to your car, and we will even assist to load it on/into your vehicle.

Freshly cut trees are provided for customers who choose to not cut their own. Different species are selected and displayed for your choice.

Click below to see the trees we have to offer!

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